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  • Magnum "Amber"

  • Antonio Banderas "Queen of seduction"

  • Magnum "Games"

  • Magnum "The Ceremony"

  • Mercedes Benz "Score"

  • Coca Cola "UEFA Euro 2016" DC

  • MAGNUM "Proudly Seeking Pleasure"

  • San Miguel "Un lugar llamado mundo"

  • Magnum "Release the Beast"

  • Shakira & Activia “Lalala (Brazil2014)”




  • IBEROSTAR "Antonio Banderas"

  • FIAT "Anniversary"

  • Minute maid "todo naranja"

  • TMB "Es lo que nos mueve"

  • SANDOZ "trinchera"

  • MAGNUM "Acrobat"

  • COCA COLA "Autobus"

  • SCHWEPPES "Spirit"

  • GUIA CAMPSA "Javier Bardem"

  • SANDOZ "Richard Gere"

  • CITROEN "Vampiros"

  • PLAYSTATION "Cementerio"

  • MITSUBICHI "Angeles"

  • SHAKIRA "Gipsy"

  • Shakira "Loca"

  • Burn "Tu fuego"

The path of Proppa in the audiovisual production market for advertising, cinema and video is extensive and accumulates a lot of work in witch we stand out for their impact, attractiveness and the ability to surprise the audience.
In this section you can discover the best audiovisual work that Proppa has done in recent years. A great selection of well known brands and companies are part of our portfolio of advertising spots. “Actress on the run” for Magnum, “Trench” for Sandoz, "Javier Bardem" for Guía Campsa or "Spirit" for Scheweppes are some examples of very good advertising creations for important marketing campaigns.
As an audiovisual and advertising company Proppa has a great directors team and the best technicians with infinite creativity. As a video production company Proppa has an integrated professionals staff with a lot of experience. As a cinema production company Proppa is synonyms of talent and imagination.